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  • What's Babelgift ?

    Babelgift is a Social Network for gifts, where you can search for the gifts you want to receive, add them to your wishlists, and other users can reserve those gifts for you.
  • Quick Tutorial

    How can I sign up for Babelgift?
    • The first step is to sign-up, either by filling in the registration form or logging in with Facebook. By creating your account, two lists are automatically created for you: one public, which is visible to any other user, and one private, which only your friends can see.
    • Once you've signed up, you can search for gifts in the page 'Add Gifts'. You choose the gift you want by pressing the blue button: 'To my list'. Here you can choose the list you want to add the gift to, change the default title, and add a comment (optional).
    • Once the gift is on your list, other users can reserve it for you, using the button 'I'll buy it'.
    • By reserving a gift, a commitment to buy the gift for the user is created. You can see your commitments in the section My Commitments.
    • When you have a commitment, you have one month in which to buy the gift. Once you buy the gift, you should mark it as bought in the section 'My Commitments'.
    • If you buy the gift but forget to mark it as 'bought', the commitment is broken and deleted after one month, and the gift will then become available for other users to reserve.
  • What is a public list ? And a private one ?

    Each user has a public and a private list by default, but you can create more in the section 'My Lists'. Public lists are visible to any other registered user, while private lists are only available for the friends of that user to see.
  • Where can I edit my profile ?

    In My Profile > My Profile
  • How can I change my password ?

    To change your password, go to the 'My Profile' section and use the tab 'Change Password'.
  • How can I find my friends ?

    You can search for your friends using the search bar on the top right-hand side of all the pages, or you can go to the 'Search Users' page in the menu Pages > Search Users.
  • How can I see my friend requests?

    You can see your pending friend requests by opening the user menu ( click on your avatar, on the top right-hand side of the page ). You will see a red box with your pending requests - both friend requests and group invitations.
    You can also go to the section 'Requests' to see your pending requests and acccept or decline them.
  • What's a group ? What are they used for ?

    A group is a set of users (your friends and other users), and they are intended for collaborative gifts (birthdays, farewell parties) or wedding lists.
  • How can I create a group ? How can I add users to a group ?

    To create a group, enter the section 'Groups', fill in the group name, and press the 'Create group' button. The group will appear on your list of groups.
    To invite other users to this group, enter the 'Groups' section, click on the group to enter it, and then search for the user you want to add in the box under the title 'Group Participants'. When you type, suggestions will appear and you can select the one you want, and then click on the 'Add to Group' button. The user will receive an invitation via email.
    To see the groups you are in, enter the 'Groups' section from your avatar menu or from the main menu in My Profile > Groups.
  • How can I leave a group ?

    Enter the 'Groups' section, type in the name of the group you want to leave, and click on the 'Delete' button.
  • How can I remove other users from a group ?

    Enter the 'Groups' section, and then go in to the group. Once there, you can remove users from the group by pressing the 'Delete' button next to the user you want to remove. Only the administrator of the group ( the creator ) can remove other people from a group, but you can remove yourself from any group.
  • How can I send a friend request to another user ?

    Search that user's full name using the search button you have at the top right-hand side of any page, and in the search results, press the link 'Send Friend Request'.
  • How can I remove a friend ?

    To remove another user from your list of friends, enter My Profile > Friends, filter the list by name and remove the user by pressing the 'Delete' button (red button with a cross).
  • How can I add a new List ?

    In the 'Lists' section, using the button 'Add new List'. This button will take you to a tutorial for creating a new list, because you may want to create a list for yourself or for other users (collaborative lists), and the list can be private or public.
  • Where can I see my gift lists ?

    You can access them from My Profile > My giftlist, and once there you can use the lists selector on the header. You can also enter My Profile > Lists, and enter directly in to any of your lists.
  • How do commitments work ?

    There are two types of commitment: individual and collective.
    An individual commitment is made when you see another user's list, and you click on 'I'll buy it'. A commitment lasting one month is generated. Once you buy the gift, you must mark it as 'bought' in the section My Profile > My Commitments in order to stop the gift being available for other users to buy for the same user.
    A group commitment is generated when a group list is created and gifts are added to that list (whether these are from the user's list or not ). Each gift added will generate a 'commitment'. In this case, the commitment will not last for a month, but up until the end date chosen by the user who creates the list. In the case of collaborative lists, if a gift is removed, this will remove not only the user's own commitment but the commitment of all of the group participants.
    In other cases, they work as individual commitments, and so you should mark each individual gift you buy as 'bought'. In the section My Commitments you can see how much money each user has to pay if the money is divided equally. This is to help you to calculate how much each user owes- you are not obliged to use this tool.
  • How do Collaborative gifts works ?

    Collaborative gifts are made by a group, not individual users. The gift recipient can be a user, or another group (but not the same group).
    To make a collaborative gift create a list following these steps:
    • Who is going to receive the gifts ? : Other
    • Select the gift recipient: You can choose from your groups or friends, or another user that is not a friend.
    • Kind of list: Collaborative
    • Owner group: The group that agrees to purchase the gifts. You can choose one of our groups or create a new one here.
    • Public or private list: If you opt for a public list, everyone, including the gift recipient, can see this list. If you choose a private list, you will have the option later to hide this list from the gift recipient, so they cannot see the gifts and will not know that the list exists.
    • Hide the list from recipients: If you choose not to hide this list from the recipients, they may see the list within their friends' lists. If you choose to hide the list, none of the recipients will see that list or be able to access it to see the gifts.
    • Name of the list and list end date: The name of the list. If it is an event that could be repeated at another time (such as a birthday) it is better to specify the year, such as Mary's Birthday 2016, so that the list is easier to identify in the future. The end date refers to the date when this list will expire, and the remaining gifts will be removed.
  • How can I create a wedding list ?

    To create a wedding list, follow these steps:
    1. Create a group which includes the couple who are getting married. This group could be called 'Peter and Mary'. More people can be added if you want them to be able to manage this list by adding or removing gifts, for example the wedding director or even the shop where the gifts may be bought.
    2. Create a group for the wedding guests. You could call this for example, 'Peter and Mary's Wedding'. You will add all of the people that may buy a gift from the wedding list to this group.
    3. Create a wedding list:
      • Go to My Profile > Lists, and click on Add new List.
      • Who will be the recipient of the gifts?: Other.
      • Select recipient: choose the group which contains the couple getting married (for example, Peter and Mary's group).
      • Kind of list: Individual or wedding list.
      • Owner group: select the group containing anyone who is eligible to buy gifts (for example, 'Peter and Mary's Wedding' Group).
      • Public or private list: select public list.
      • Name and end date: you can name the list 'Peter and Mary's Wedding', for example, and you can choose the end date before which the gifts should be bought.
    In this kind of list, each individual user agrees to buy each gift separately, and each gift this user chooses will be an individual commitment for this user only. In a wedding list only the couple who are getting married can add or remove gifts from the list.
  • Do we have to buy gifts through ?

    You can, but you don't have to. To buy gifts from this page, use any of the links shown, or the blue button in the commitments list.
  • How can I change my avatar ?

    From the page My Profile > My Profile. In the tab Image / Avatar you can upload a different image with your avatar, but be aware that if you log in again with Facebook, the image will be changed to your Facebook profile picture.
  • How much money do I have to put in for collaborative gifts?

    On the My Commitments page you will see the money each user needs to contribute by clicking on the name of the group, where the plus sign is. Obviously, if the group is formed by John, Peter and Mary, and the gift recipient is Peter, Peter is not included in this calculation, which only applies to John and Mary.
  • Can a group make a gift to any of its members ?

    Yes, you just need to create a collaborative list, and specify to hide the list to the gift recipient, in case you want this to be a surprise. Even if the user is part of the group they will not be able to see the list or the gifts. They will not be included in the calculation of the money each user has to put in, visible on the My Commitments page.
  • I can't find the gift I want

    If you can't find the gift you want, email us at [email protected] or use our Contact page, and tell us where we can find this gift. We'll do our best to make this gift available to you. If this is not possible, you can choose a similar product and explain which gift you want and where it is available in the comment field.
  • How can I delete my account ?

    To delete your account, you will need to send us an email from the same account you used to register to [email protected], specifying: I want to delete/remove my account on We will remove your pending commitments and the ones other people may have with you, unless they are from collaborative gifts. The comments on collaborative gifts will remain until they expire.